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Sat, Jan. 26th, 2013, 11:52 am
Snow Day, Blow Day

Been up two hours and I really have to get on the ball or my efforts to get back on track with my meds and routine will get all screwy again.

I can't make breakfast because I'm missing key ingredients, most specifically eggs. And it has snowed, so that's a tough four block trek. In two hours, I've managed to get dressed and finally sit down with a cup of coffee, after trimming my toenails so I could put on my shoes. (I'm supposed to do that on Fridays, along with shaving my legs, but it didn't happen.)

I know, I'll make oatmeal! It'll take an hour, but at this rate getting to the store will take just as long and who knows what the shelves will look like after the crazed 'storm-shoppers' have hit it. brb

I had wanted Saturdays to be restful, but there is so much I'm not getting done. I'm so tired. My new ideal schedule:
Mondays - Stretch / (bath) Wash Hair
Tuesday - Therapy
Wednesday - Stretch / meal plan / (bath) Wash self
Thursday - Volunteer & put up veggie order
Friday - Rest (no choice after Thursday) / (bath) Shave & trim nails

M-F normal plans are of course subject to change as needed for doctor appointments (of which there are many). If I have a doctor appointment, that is pretty much my whole day gone. I go to the appointment, come home, and pass out exhausted. AgtOrange wakes me up for food or medication and then I go back to bed.

Saturday - Laundry, with help as needed, lots of breaks
Sunday - Organizational Day, working on my emails and paperwork as I can, with frequent breaks

A friend told me she shaved her head when things got bad, because I'd been saying that after I washed my hair I was simply too exhausted to properly clean up in the shower. I don't want to do that, because AgtOrange really, really doesn't want me to, but as soon as I get myself and some money together I will be going in for a very easy to manage and short haircut, and a fun color just because.

The cleaning lady was here yesterday. I'm so grateful to have a clean place, it feels refreshing, even if it is still cluttered and I didn't do the job myself. So what if I can't clean up after myself properly anymore? I'm thankful every time she comes.

Still not sure how I'm going to lose this weight I've gained from the medication. With the new meds I'm not gaining weight, but I haven't lost the weight I gained either, and it's tough getting around, let alone exercising. I'm trying to at least take a short stroll outside the house every day, although I skipped it yesterday on account of the icy conditions. I should have walked up and down the hallways here in the building considering how big this place is. Guess I was just being lazy.

My hands weren't very stiff at all this morning. I think playing video games helps them. It's the vibration of the controller. When I play for awhile before I go to bed, I seem to wake up with less pain and stiffness in the knuckles. Doesn't help me if I play in the daytime, though, and of course if I play too long or hold the controller in the same position too long without breaks it's worse, not better.

Today's goals are to eat my oatmeal, take my meds, trim my nails while watching television. Then I need to get the laundry sorted. SynaMyn has promised to help and/or prod me into doing it. Maybe she'll wander with me to the store to fetch the few items we are missing, followed by food, movie time, and sleepy sleep (post meds).

... aaaaaaand then the disability people call, because apparently now they work Saturdays so they can stress me out on the weekends too. Great, I'm completely blown. *headbang* *headbang*