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Sun, Apr. 14th, 2013, 08:30 pm
I Think I Liked Withdrawal Better

Since I spent most of last week in full medication withdrawal, seems like now that my stomach is now working all the meds are kicking back in again. This is the WORST high, and technically I haven't taken any drugs except what I'm supposed to be on to make me feel normal.

I do not feel normal in any sense of the word.

Ever hit that stage of drunkenness where you wish you were sober, you just don't want to be fucked up anymore? I wish I was sober, I wish I was sober, click my heels three times and the room spins round.

The apartment is full of clear fog. I woke up at 1800, next to night, and I'm still zonked. The coffee made my heart stutter but it didn't open up my eyelids. My head is full of rust, and my tongue is too large for my mouth. How does it fit in there, anyway? The top of my head is a balloon, I'm waiting for it to pop off go spinning, spinning, drifting, nauseating I wish the room would stop twirling before I think I'm gonna be sick and food just sits roiling nasty in my stomach. There are ants up my spine, creeping, is that you?

If I threw up now, what color would it be? Who fed me the bottle of cough syrup in my sleep, that must've been by IV because I'd swear I was Robo-tripping. Get me off of this cloud nein, because I do not feel fine.

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