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Fri, Sep. 6th, 2013, 05:56 pm

I think I just hate everyone.  Well, maybe not you.  Or you either.  But just "everyone".

I'm tired of trying to hammer the sense into people because people aren't sensible.  (funny how the word sensible used to mean almost the opposite of what it does today)  I run around telling folks "you can't get sane out of crazy" and yet I try the exact same thing, on the INTERNET no less, so it's my own damn fault for getting myself into a dither.


Mari-jay-wanna is neither the cure for everything on earth nor is it Satan's devil weed.  It does a lot of good stuff and helps a lot of people.  But I can't stand it when people say "no one has ever died of weed".  Fact is, some people are deathly allergic (myself included).  Fact is, toddler overdoses are on the rise (and maybe they don't necessarily die, but who wants baby in a coma from ingesting pot brownies?).  Fact is, there are about 300 deaths a year in which pot is considered a "secondary factor".  That means things like "toking and driving".  Now that's actually LESS than almost all other drugs; cold medicines I think actually rate higher so in the big scheme of things we should be thrilled it's so damn low, and alcohol is so far above that it makes weed look like a walk in the park, but it still is NOT ZERO.  So is weed safe?  Well, it sure is safer than booze.  But it's not "completely safe", and when people say it is that just gets under my skin.  Weed can be addictive to people who are predisposed to addiction, it can make bipolar people more manic or exacerbate other mental illnesses, it doesn't mix well with certain medications--in short, it's a drug and it needs to be respected as a fairly safe and beneficial drug, but a drug nonetheless.  Respect the Mary Jane.

The Net is full of tales where you only hear the one side and then people rush, enraged, to jump onto one side, but there is NEVER one side to a tale.  And you are never, ever, going to know the whole truth via the Internet, especially not when you are miles and miles away and don't know any of the parties in question.  And the longer I spend on here, the more I come to understand that sending hate mail ends up never being justified.

There was a girl on here awhile back who supposedly said some vicious things about soldiers, and folks (Murica!) send her both hate mail and death threats.  Well, it turned out she had a nasty ex who just made that shit up whole-cloth.  She never said any of it, and it just about gave her a nervous breakdown getting all that "lovely" mail.  But people love to assume the worst about other people.

So the latest is this meme going around about the employees who quit because of an abusive boss.  Was the boss abusive?  Well, let's look at both sides.  From the employee's sign we have "cancer is not an excuse" for not coming in to work, three workers left and quit all at once, and they say they are tired of abusive tirades.  From the bosses side, she never said such a thing, the worker's are retaliating because they'd been reprimanded previously for violating company policy.  An independent source said neither the three workers nor any of their family members had cancer.  ANOTHER independent source said one of the worker's mother did have cancer, and she needed to drive her mother to chemo, and that the other workers quit to show support of her.  That same source said the District Manager (unclear if said person was the DM or was just passing down this information from the DM) had decided on a draconian work hour policy that everyone had to do or be fired, and no excuses were allowed.  We are most likely too far away to actually find out whether or not anyone has cancer, because internet interest will die before that knowledge comes to light.  However, it appears that all three are under investigation for stealing, it seems that in addition to the nasty sign they decided to retaliate by taking things that didn't belong to them.  There are so many things that bother me about this tale, it's hard to know who to side with.  Everyone wants to stick with the underdog, but what about the harried middle manager?  And either way, sending threats?  Because that's what this manager is getting now.  Well done, internet.

I read both far-left and far-right sites, and see where both can twist the facts to suit them, but it doesn't mean that facts aren't still in there.  You just have to take an objective stance and try to read between the lines.

...dunno why I'm still bothering.  *sigh*

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