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Fri, Sep. 20th, 2013, 10:30 pm
Meanwhile In Jade's World

Well, I can't say two back-to-back doctor appointments in one day, followed by two evening outings two days in a row, was the smartest move in the universe. It's part of my "going to do more things outside of my apartment even if it kills me" -- which it just might. This was followed by me sleeping for 28 SOLID HOURS, the only time I was even vaguely awake was when AgtOrange forced a protein shake and meds in me and I may have used the bathroom at that time, a whopping 5 minutes maximum. I would also have slept even longer, except once again, AgtOrange woke me up when he came home from work just by walking in the door.

"Well, I was going to ask how your day was...but I can already see," as I groggily come to. I'm still exhausted, and fighting to keep myself from collapsing back into sleep with every second. I've managed to take my morning meds (at least the most necessary ones), eat two slices of pizza with the cheese pulled off, take a minimal bath (mostly standing under water in a daze, and washing my hair but not conditioning it) and get online long enough to show people I'm still alive, if only just. It also doesn't help that I'm out of one of my medications. I'd called my doctor to get a refill (I see him on Monday, or maybe it's Tuesday), but he called in the wrong medication to the pharmacy, in fact, he called in a medication I don't even take anymore. And, of course, it's now the weekend, so I'm just out, and so far the withdrawal consists of making my head vaguely hurt, which has a tendency to make me tired. I think the Book Festival this weekend is going to turn into a no go, either that, or a Red Bull weekend, but then I'm afraid I'll miss my doctor appointments.

I know I have emails to read and write, and stuff to do, but my brain is slow and I'm having a hard time processing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing, except maybe sleeping some more. So that's what I'm going to do. Sweet dreams, all.

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