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Wed, Nov. 6th, 2013, 08:47 pm
Curse of the Taxis

I have this one doctor's office that I'm always either late for or sick, or possibly both. Today it was both. Somehow between Monday and today I managed to be under the weather. Monday night I developed a migraine, which didn't depart until about noon on Tuesday (and left me flailing in the bed, looking for a cool spot to rest my head, all night long). Tuesday I had a mild fever and felt like total crap, with my sinuses dry and achy and constantly sneezing. And then by today, I was already starting to feel better, but not totally well.

It's not a cold, I just think it's the weather and Friday's self-poisoning (yum) finally exiting my system. Either way, I was moving sluggishly today, but I still left with plenty of time to get to the bank to check that I had the direct deposit numbers correct, so that after my appointment I could visit the Social Security place and do my PERC review.

Only the bank took way longer than expected. It wasn't the line, because there wasn't one. There never is at that time. When I got to the teller, she went to print out a direct deposit slip, and I guess something went kaflooey with her printer, and then that held me up while I was already being seen. Altogether, I think I was stuck there 20 minutes, and it should have been a 5 minute in-and-out kind of thing. So when I got outside and realized how late I was running, I knew I'd never make it in time unless I took a cab instead of the metro.

And of course, as always, when you really, really need a cab, they vanish into thin air.

But I finally did get one, and I managed to squeak into my doctor's on time and not late at all, and the appointment went okay as far as these things go. So I went to the Social Security building, which is conveniently two blocks from this doctor's office, and it turns out that THEY CLOSE EARLY ON WEDNESDAYS! GRRRRRRR!

So all of this running around, and being almost late, and shelling out $20 on a cab so that I wouldn't be late, turned out to be for nothing. I was so mad I wanted to spit on the glass or hop in circles screaming or something. What I did do was sit on a planter for a minute shaking my head, and then hobble myself back to the metro and go home.