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Mon, Nov. 11th, 2013, 02:40 am
UPDATE: My Foray Into Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

For the original reviews and research, the first post is http://jadxia.livejournal.com/444176.html.

I settled on DominoPads because of it's awesome colors (not too girly), inclusion of thong liners (hey, I might go back to thongs some day), and my fascination with bamboo fabrics. They also occasionally have ones with Minkee, which is apparently some kind of crazy-soft super fabric that I'd never heard of before, and a sport version, which has a "ProCool moisture wicking jersey" top layer.

They recommend NOT buying a bunch of pads at first, but instead just buying a couple to make sure they are the correct fit for you. As this was my first timid foray into the world of reusable pads, and as I rarely have much in the way of periods at all now that they are regulated by medication, I decided to just get two pantiliners and try them out. So I got those and a soaking pot, which is pretty much all you need to get started and see if this is a workable thing for you.

I am VERY happy with my DominoPads. Now their regular size is actually made for tall girls, as the lady who runs/is the company is 5'9" and they were originally sized off of her. The petite size is not only shorter, but also a little thinner.


I don't sweat wearing these pantiliners, AT ALL. You know how all those pad commercials talk about how much they keep you dry, but we all know they never do? Well, this pantiliner keeps me more dry than just wearing underwear alone. In fact, now I prefer to wear a pantiliner all the time, because I don't seem to get sweaty. Which is weird, considering that they are a couple of layers thick. When I first took them out of the package I thought, "oh no, this is NOT going to work." I thought I would sweat to death wearing them. But they really do seem to absorb moisture and whisk it away. Which leads us to the next benefit:

No more "period odor". Now since I'm just using these as a pantiliner, I can't say if these pads will truly cut down on that smell during an actual heavy period, but I can say you won't have much in the way of odors from normal exertions or light bleeding, because you won't be sweating and even light bleeding just isn't staying trapped against your skin.

They are surprisingly easy to hand wash. The velvet texture of the cloth makes it so that just a squirt of handsoap and a few scrubbing motions and they're surface clean. Then I soak them in my pot of water that has a splash of peroxide in it, after which I rinse them and set them out to dry. You can just as easily leave them in the soaking pot, and then wash and dry them with your clothes the next time you do laundry. When I have more pads I may do this.

They do take a little while to get to you once you've ordered, and the upfront costs are steep. Despite that, I have ordered another 5 pantiliners and my first actual pad. I'll be building up my stash slowly, and see if I like these just as much for actual periods as I do for everyday wear.

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