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Mon, Dec. 2nd, 2013, 11:14 pm
My Request for GivingTuesday

“I’m so glad you all are here.”

“I didn’t think anyone cared.”

“Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.”

For 20 years HIPS has touched the lives of those who live in the shadows of our nation’s capital. Last year we disposed of 100,000 used syringes, and helped to prove that needle exchanges work to lower HIV rates across the board. We performed 1300 HIV tests, and 41 new positives were referred into medical care for proper treatment.

In one year, 70 of our clients went into substance abuse treatment. We’ve held hundreds of counseling sessions and support groups to assist people with a variety of issues. We distributed 103,000 condoms and helped educate the public about the spread of STIs. At times we have stood as the voice of the unheard LGBTQ homeless youth, the undereducated sex worker, and the addicted ex-con. We have explored not just their problems, but also their possibilities. We look at more than just their future potential, but also how they can have a powerful and positive impact in the now.

But most of all, we’ve listened. Whether on the street, in our offices, or on our 24-hour toll-free hotline, we strive at HIPS to always have a caring ear and a willing shoulder. But even the love and dedication of our excellent volunteers can’t do it without your support. This #GivingTuesday I urge you to donate to this amazing organization, to support our Crisis Response Team, a group of volunteers who willingly take on the additional responsibility of being available in emergencies. These folks need extra training and extra heart, and that’s why we’re showing them extra support.

I believe in HIPS so much I am giving up all holiday gifts in lieu of donations, and am personally calling upon all of my friends and relations to give and spread the word. Any amount is worthy, even if you can’t give much.

A donation of $10 from all the actives on my Facebook friends’ list, and we would meet our goal.

A donation of $20 keeps the crisis hotline running for another 24 hours.

Four donations of $50 will provide for one night of shelter and safety counseling for a victim of violence. Two-hundred dollars sounds like a lot of money, until you realize it could save someone’s life. I can’t think of a present I would want more.


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