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Thu, Dec. 12th, 2013, 07:22 pm
My Red Cape, The Salvation Army

I absolutely cannot stand the Salvation Army. Whereas I can even laughingly tolerate the zany antics of Westboro as pathetic and sad, the monster that is the Army just keeps marching on. They've managed to disguise themselves pretty well up until recently, but I've always known they were tainted.

My first suspicion was from the stores themselves. When I walk into a second-hand store, and find goods that were all donated and used, being sold at new prices, that sets my alarms off. If you really wanted to do some good, shouldn't items that you received for free also be discounted for the community? Some items I found at the same price as that I could buy brand, spanking new, which makes me feel swindled when the goods are obviously worn.

Why You Shouldn't Donate to the Salvation Army (with VIDEO)

MY PERSONAL STORY: The SA runs the only free inpatient rehab in the city. But part of the deal is you have to sign up for govt assistance & SNAP, which you sign over to SA when you go in "to help pay for your care". You agree to work for them at whatever job they assign you, without any pay ("to train for a future career"), this is regardless of skills you might already possess, so basically they hire you out to other companies as temp labor, but you don't get paid for it, just like a hired-out slave.

Once you get phone privileges, you have to buy a cell phone through them, which of course they make money from. You are required to use their bank account system, which they also get money from. And, after you leave, they set you up with a job and you have to work where they tell you to, the money goes into the bank account they have set up, and THEY CONTROL THE FUNDS FOR TWO YEARS, EVEN AFTER YOU'VE LEFT REHAB. In fact, you sign a contract saying that they control all your funds or any money you may receive. If your rich uncle dies, or you win the lottery, it doesn't matter, they control your money.

This is supposed to ensure that you don't "blow it on drugs" but if that were the case, why'd they let you out of rehab? They give you a tiny allowance from the money you earn out of the job they told you to go work at. When I wanted to go into rehab, I went there, and they provided free transportation from the govt center. The rehab itself is way out in a terrible place in the city. Most of the folks who go there can't read "legalize" very well, and there must have been 50 contracts they wanted me to sign, each one was more intrusive than the last, and each one I could see some way in which they made money off of me.

Finally, I balked at them controlling my bank account long after I was supposed to be out and on my own. I said I'd find some other way of getting drug free. And they were like "bye then", but they refused to give me a ride back even to the center where they'd picked me up, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY HAD OTHER PICKUPS THAT DAY. I had to make own my way home from across town, starting out in a bad neighborhood. Some salvation.

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The account of this guy:
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Who later went on to write this list (one of which is already covered above):
Discrimination and the Salvation Army

I'm not even fond of their Christmas Toy program for kids. Why? Because they hooked up with Walmart. That's right, let's bump up sales for Walmart so you can donate those goods to the Salvation Army. The might as well come out and openly declare they support child and slave labor, and predatory business practices overseas.

Recently the Salvation Army has been attempting to rectify their tarnished image, but only because we are hitting them where it hurts, their wallets. Make no mistakes, however, the Army will not ever be just be a charitable organization, it's true purpose is stated very clearly on their website. Their mission is "to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ", they are connected to an evangelical church, and here are their beliefs.

Salvation Army: What We Believe.

Personally, I think there are too many good charities out there that don't scam anyone for money, and do good works without thumping a religious text, for me to bother contributing to this one.

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