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Tue, Jan. 7th, 2014, 02:28 am
Wonderful Things 2013

I forgot to keep this up about halfway through the year, which is a shame. I would have had so many more things, although most of them would have involved AgtOrange and we all know what a sweetie he can be. Basically, whenever some great thing happens, you put it onto a slip of paper and stick it into a jar. At the end of the year, you take out all the slips of paper and read them over. Here are my wonderful things, 2013.

  • AgtOrange made me my nighttime shake and woke me up to take my meds.
  • I found a metro card with 0.75 still on it.
  • Snuggled on couch watching Squidbillies with AgtOrange = pretty much perfect.
  • Friend S. came over to help me bag my meds.
  • AgtOrange has cleaned up the kitchen dishes (my job) ALL WEEK without complaining or saying a thing about the mess.
  • Today I learned that I can want a thing without feeling discontented. p.s. I'm having a HAPPY DAY!
  • Goal set and achieved: I organized my wallet.
  • AgtOrange unloaded the dishwasher and I didn't have to ask.
  • "Humor any prepubescent boy could appreciate" -- weird, this was in my cards and it's not in my handwriting. I think someone is having a little fun with my wonderful things/gratefulness jar. How cute!
  • AgtOrange brought me an ice cream drumstick. When I was stressed out and tired and hurting, he brought me a pain pill and made me take a nap even though I didn't really want to (but I knew I needed one), then he curled up beside me until I fell asleep. What an awesome guy.
  • Found a nice GAP sweater, donated it to HIPS.
  • HIPS asked me to come in special = it's nice to feel needed.
  • Of course, how could I forget all the folks who came to my parties and who did so much for me and for HIPS? We had the Indian food day, the El Dia de los Muertos day and all of those candy donations (it took me three volunteer days to transport that candy to HIPS, since I carry it in my bag), and of course the regifting party. Not to mention #GivingTuesday. Everyone has just been so amazingly supportive.
  • The HIPS volunteer appreciation party, where I got to attempt to dance. I had so much fun.
  • My physical therapist. Even though it's awful, I would not be doing as well as I am now if not for that.

If you too would like to start a jar for the new year, all you need is some sort of container. Things to put in it.

  • surprise gifts
  • accomplished goals
  • the beauty of nature, or any beautiful moments, memories worth saving
  • "lol" moments
  • daily blessings

At the end of the year (generally 12/31), sit down and read out all the things in your jar. It's a great NYE celebration.