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Thu, Jan. 23rd, 2014, 05:02 pm
Shower Curtain Shenanigans

It's a shame I don't have Before, After, and Way Back photos of what's going on in my bathroom and why. But first, a rant:

(rant on subject from Facebook)
What backwards logic was I using when I decided not to start my shower curtain project until after the maid had left? What should I do next, bake a pie? Host jello wrestling in my living room? The bathroom was fairly messy beforehand, so I wait until it's sparkling clean to go in and immediately make a hideous mess out of it.

Also, in the realm of things I probably should not touch, next to superglue we might need to add spraypaint. Although I actually think I did quite well under the circumstances. Awkward angles, improper ventilation leading to massive paint fume inhalation (no real way to avoid it), and my own lack of height and disability complicating things. At least I'm having a great day painwise, now that the barometric pressure is stable a simple painkiller and I'm running around like a normal person.

Here's the skinny, things to consider

There are a few important factors to consider here. One, I was a feng shui consultant for awhile, and try to keep my house reasonably aligned. AgtOrange (my significant other) thinks this is impossibly silly. He thinks anything to do with energy, chi, paranormal activity, ghosts, hoodoo, witches, most facets of religion, and a good bit of alternative medicine is silly. I do feng shui because it has worked for me in the past and because sometimes I really can feel energy. It's easiest with a place I've never been to before. Granted, it has at times brought me unintended consequences (I boosted a bunch of things for travel just before I had a guy steal all my stuff and get me evicted.) And while I don't blame all my life's troubles or strange coincidences on feng shui, if every time you did something silly but harmless, let's say hopscotched when you left your house, you found money on the sidewalk while you were out, and somehow you had figured this out, well I bet you'd be looking silly to your neighbors every single day.

Two, we have terrible ventilation in our bathroom. There is no fan and the single vent I have to cover with a layer of cheesecloth. The reason being is that it is connected directly to the elevator shaft for the building, and all manner of flying bugs will find their way into my bathroom if I don't. Also, even though most of the time the air is traveling out from my bathroom to wherever, occasionally it blows in. Before the building cleaned the vents, this would mean I would occasionally find huge chunks of mildew and vent mold/dust in my bathtub, but now it just means dust in the air, and I happen to be frighteningly allergic to dustmites. So the fan-less vent, already a less than ideal manner of air circulation, is further compromised by addition of a cheesecloth cover to help stop some of the dust from attacking me on the occasions when its mild powers of natural "suck" become "blow".

The effect of no ventilation in the bathroom is that our liner is always needing to be replaced, and our cheap shower curtain rod has pretty much rusted into the wall in a rather unsightly manner. That and the paint is starting to peel from the ceiling, something which I can't do much about unless I want maintenance men repainting my bathroom. I don't mind the occasional visits to fix stuff, but I'd rather have a scruffy ceiling than go through the hassle of bitching just to have people inconvenience me for days on end.

The skinny, shopping and planning

I ordered the new liner, and was thinking about getting a more translucent curtain while I was at it. (No lie, still a tiny bit terrorized by the movie Psycho.) While I was at it, I might as well at least cosmetically spruce up the curtain rod with a little steel wool and Rustoleum metal paint/primer. Before I moved in, AgtOrange had this crazy bright shower curtain. Clown curtains. I'd gone with straight white curtains, and some mardi gras beads on the rings (with masks on the wall) because I'd needed those colors to balance some feng shui issues. But the weirdness is, I realized that the energy has changed. This apartment keeps doing that.

I've never had a place where the energy sways back and forth, I swear it's like living on a qi-boat. I switched out the bathroom colors, or it will be after I put up this new curtain (which is also plain white, no beads), but what if everything changes back? Am I going to be forever tasked with redecorating this apartment again and again as stuff switches around? And what could possibly be causing such a thing? Neighbors moving in and out? Sunspots? Some kind of unspoken, unconscious conflict between me and AgtOrange that I have no realization of? Are we on an ancient Indian burial ground?

My new shower curtain

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