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Mon, Apr. 14th, 2014, 06:04 am
More Spirit Dreams?

It's 0600, and I'm about to go to sleep, but before I forget, I need to put down last night's dreams. There was some kind of Indian (Native American kind) teaching me all kinds of stuff. First about a lesbian woman who did all sorts of great things, and I knew I was learning these incredible lessons, but the second I woke up, I forgot all of the stories. It was if he was teaching them directly to my subconscious instead of my waking mind.

When I went back to sleep, I had another series of dreams, practically fables that I was living, of which I only remember the last one. Someone, myself or someone else, was in a hospital room getting a cancer removed from their hand, only we were all drugged by the nefarious "doctor". It was more a scene from Hostel than a hospital, only we(really, I) overpowered the bad guy in the room with us and were keeping the bad guys outside of the room. Somehow I had done this, but it was the wrong choice. At the end of this "tale" I got the sensation that all of the particulars of the dream were meaningless, but only the message attempting to be conveyed was of important, in this instance that by attempting to do everything for everyone, instead of giving them a chance to assist, somehow I had screwed up our chances. Not only was it an untenable situation, but it denied them something in their growing process. I needed to allow everyone to help.

Too bad I couldn't remember all of the previous "fables", as I felt that each one was of importance and they were NOT being transmitted direct to my underbrain. I just couldn't hold them all; there were too many of them.

Strangely enough, AgtOrange had a dream about a popular celebrity figure who also happened to be one of the very first news articles I pulled up this morning, and not anyone I would read about ever as a general rule. I think my dream energy is bleeding over to him just for sleeping next to me.

p.s. Spirit Dog continues to hang around. My therapist approves. I've been thinking about ways, if there are any, to call such creatures to those in need, but I think that's just the thing. They come to people in need, when they chose to do so, and if people are willing to have them.

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