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Sun, Aug. 10th, 2014, 06:14 pm

As most girls know, being on the pill generally makes your periods lighter (it's one of the things they are prescribed for). I take mine on a continuous dose, which means I'm not supposed to have periods (yes, this has been proven to be safe) but sometimes I'll have spotting. I missed a pill, meaning I had to take it late (you double up the next day) and that generally causes a period to happen.

It was probably the worst of my life, which is pretty shocking for being on birth control. I use Insteads, the menstrual cups, so it is pretty easy to figure out how much blood you are losing, unlike with pads. I estimate I lost almost a full pint of blood over the course of three days, and then it stopped.

Well, now it's about two weeks later, and I was a little late on another pill. Not even terribly late this time, but apparently that didn't matter because I've started bleeding again. I wouldn't have thought there was any blood left. And today has been bad. In two hours, I actually overflowed the cup and made a mess; thank heavens I was wearing a full pad instead of just a pantiliner under it. It almost happened twice (thus the pad, because I'd put it on after the first almost horrible accident). I think I've lost 4 ounces of blood in the past 4 hours.

I'm surprised I don't have vampires knocking at my door by now. I really need to see my GYN. So far as we know, I don't have fibroids (did a check for lumps since we took the lipoma out of a nearby region), and my pap smears have all been clear (so no cervical polyps or cancer); I can't think of anything else that would cause this kind of horrifying bleeding.

...and when I look it up I find endometrial polyps, lupus (joy!), various types of cancer (double joy!), bleeding disorders (I was checked for those already), and PID. Huh. None of these sound particularly fun. Then again, I am not having a good time right now.

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