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Wed, Nov. 12th, 2014, 11:46 pm
Diet, Day 2 of 30

BREAKFAST: I cooked up some quinoa, flavored with just a touch of chicken broth (mostly just water), and a handful of greens/spinach thrown in toward the end. It ended up being not quite flavorful enough for me, so I had to add a splash of (organic) soy sauce. Still, not too bad.

Made a pot Earl Grey tea instead of coffee, added a splash of soy but no honey like I normally would do.

Even though I slept pretty good last night (first of firsts) I was still pretty tired. So I took a nap before I had to head out. Also ate a pear.

EXERCISE: Again with the walking, I had a meeting that required using a bit of shoe-leather to get there. Came home beat, but also hungry, and supper waits for no man.

DINNER: It's so much easier to cook for two people than one, so it's nice that AgtOrange is, for the moment, consenting to eat along with what I cook. I split an acorn squash (okay, HE split an acorn squash) and drizzled olive oil and fresh orange juice on the halves, then threw them in the oven for an hour. When they were done, a light dusting of cumin and just a tiny pinch of salt finished them beautifully, all without dousing them in brown sugar like I would have before (that is, if I bothered to eat squash at all)!

Cooked up some brown rice, minced two carrots in it, and grated fresh ginger and tumeric (turning it a little bit orange) for a very subtle flavor. Then cooked two chicken breasts (we each got one, of course), spiced with salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, garlic, and a touch of garam masala. After they were fried (in safflower oil), I cut them up and added them back to the rice and heated them together for just a minute or two in order to meld the flavors just a touch.

I'm quite happy with my dairy-less success. Lots of spices, two types of veggies, tastes amazing, and a whole grain. I'm not quite up to a full complement of fruits and vegetables, but I'm getting there.