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Fri, Nov. 14th, 2014, 05:23 pm
Diet, Day 4 of 30

Got up early before my alarm because I was having night sweats again. Took a shower, drank some water. Finished doing the dishes and straightening stuff before the maid came, and also fixed myself a cup of coffee (with a splash of soy milk).

BREAKFAST: She was late today, and I didn't want to start cooking and have her show up while the kitchen was occupied. I ended up fixing myself a single scrambled egg really quickly, with a splash of Maggi. Okay, so that's TOTALLY processed. Next time I need to remember that my soy sauce is okay if used sparingly, but the Maggi isn't. After she left, I made myself a salad of mixed greens and spinach, (lots of) carrots, and cucumber, topped with the miso sesame dressing I picked up. It's pretty healthy as these things go, and absolutely no dairy. That and a handful of pistachios is breakfast.

EXERCISE: Not much except for a couple of errands and some puttering around the house. I shouldn't discredit that, considering going to the store is almost four blocks each way, and I stopped at the dry cleaners. Also, I did a mini-trip earlier this morning which tacked on a block or two...and ten blocks is a mile! So that means I've done a mile's worth of walking, which is what any healthy adult is supposed to do in a day, right? Plus, I did the store trip with my cane, and all walks with an assistive device are long, slow, arduous journeys, not to mention it was cold and fraught with danger (some bitch lady came out of a drive without looking while I was on the sidewalk). Yay me!

I left in a great mood, with a fresh lidocaine patch, in love with these things and thinking I felt so good I didn't even need that damn cane and boy, was I ready to ask my dr about maybe jogging one day again or what? Yeah, right. On the way back something in my hip just went "twinge" and the whole thing just went off in flames, collapsed disc roaring, sciatica flaring, everything cramped inside, me limping and panting and struggling up the final hill thinking "if I can only get inside this muscle will loosen and the nerves will settle down and I will stop being in so much pain I want to vomit."

*sigh* I can't make dinner just now, because I can't remain standing. So much for that trek to the grocery store. I'm going to heat some of last night's soup and goof off for a little bit. Play that video game from last night for an hour or two, and eat soup and drink tea and wait for a painkiller and muscle relaxer to kick in. Maybe by the time AgtOrange gets home I will be able to putter around the kitchen successfully. Dinner's gonna be late.

DINNER (planned): Rosemary pork loin chops, baked broccoli, with a new experimental recipe, "white & sweet potato mash, with garlic & chives". Hopefully it will actually occur as planned.

If I'm still hungry tonight I've got another Asian pear I can have for dessert.