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Sun, Nov. 16th, 2014, 09:46 pm
Diet, Day 6 (Update) -- Going Out Proves Dietary Disaster

First paragraph from previous post:

DIET UPDATE (2100): A friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go to a Spanish restaurant and see some flamenco dancers. Sounded like a reasonable idea, after checking my calendar and ensuring I had a day to recuperate, so I popped the necessary painkiller (I would find I needed a second one, even with the lidocaine patch, with the horror that proved to be the chairs) and muscle relaxer and took a shower and a nap. These are all things required for going out. I had also checked the menu online to make sure there was something that I thought would be both desirable and relatively in keeping with my diet.

Boy, was I in for a surprise....

Turns out they had a pre-fixed menu to go with the show. If I'd used my braincells, I would have realized this would be the case. No way could they serve an entire restaurant full of people all ordering different things and have the food still be both hot and tasty. I know the industry better than that--things have to be done "catering style" for that large of a group.

First, some kind of fish on a skewer, which had been breaded and fried, served with a fresh minced tomato-sauce, like a salsa minus onion. I picked off the breading and ate the fish, about two mouthfuls. There was also some rolled "pork loin" on a skewer, but as I'd had no idea what had been done to that meat (was it processed or not?) I let my friend have both pieces.

Next a ham & cheese croquette, which I skipped.

Then shrimp gambas, done in olive oil with garlic & peppers (no butter, my friend asked). This is one of my favorites, even though the amount of garlic in the dish is usually enough to bother my stomach. I ate my share anyway, which in this case was three small to medium sized shrimp. Normally I'd have taken the bread and dipped it in the olive oil, but tonight the bread sat forlorn across the table, as my friend has been going gluten free as a weight loss tactic. So far, it seems to be working for him (if only because he's avoiding tons of bread and pasta).

Next a pepper, about the size of a poblano only red, stuffed with some kind of crabmeat mixture and surrounded by a wild mushroom sauce. I ate the pepper and crab but skipped indulging in the orgy of rich looking sauce. I'm pretty sure the crab mix had some form of dairy in it. Either the shrimp or the crab mix gave me a touch of heartburn, probably a combo of both fresh garlic and dairy.

Finally the main course, which we selected, and I had again picked fish. It was grouper, which they did in another rich sauce. There were three stalks of asparagus on top with some calamari and a pat of butter. The menu had mentioned homemade pickles, but not the calamari, which I have personal reasons for not eating. I don't eat cephalopods because some species may have human level or near-human level intelligence. It's like eating a monkey, or a person. I'm a little upset with them and myself, on account that I accidentally ate a couple (it was mixed in the with peppers) before I realized it. If the menu had listed calamari as an ingredient in that dish, I would have picked the oxtail, even though I'm not the biggest fan.

Anyway, I ate the fish, scraping off the sauce, and ate two-thirds of my three stalks of asparagus, scraping off the butter as much as I could, and avoided the pickles and calamari once I realized that there was calamari in the peppers. And trying to avoid as much of the sauce as possible.

This was all followed by the most delicious creme brulee in existence, which my friend ate for me. I had a coffee, and a ton of bottled water.

Even had I eaten everything before me, I probably would have still been "not full" at the end. After all, this was about the show, with food and wine (for almost everyone but myself) just a nice touch, something to do during the breaks. As it was, I came home from "dinner" ravenous, and also feeling like a horrible person/cannibal and was seriously considering forcing myself to throw up the things I didn't want to eat. Had there not been a girl in the restroom of the restaurant I might have done it then, so great was my revulsion when I realized I'd just downed some squid. It's like feeding a orthodox Muslim or Jew pork, or a diehard vegan a plate of sweetmeats, or anyone else human baby soup. Just...fucking...no.

So now I'm cleaning up the kitchen. I don't really much feel like making tacos tonight, because the effort involved in the "from scratch, whole grain only" process is way too labor intensive. It was just weird coincidence that I went to a Spanish place that serves paella when I'd planned to make a brown rice paella tomorrow. What I think I AM going to do today is make a vegetarian brown rice paella today, because that's much less work (rice, tomatoes, green chilis and beans, with whatever spices to add like saffron. I think I've had enough fish for one day, or one month or maybe even the millenium.) I will make tacos tomorrow.

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