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Mon, Nov. 17th, 2014, 11:01 pm
Diet, Day 7 -- Overdoing It

11-17-2014 healthy tacos

I knew that making tacos from scratch, what used to be a quick fix dinner, would be quite a trial, but I had no idea the exhaustion and pain in store for me. I found myself talking out loud, giving myself pep talks like "you can do this Jade, almost done, just brown the meat now, just a little more cleanup, we're in the home stretch...."

What a day.

Steel-cut oats, with a banana for the sweetener and some cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg. I'm really getting used to having things be less sweet. I barely missed the brown sugar and/or honey and/or dried fruit I used to glob in my oatmeal.

Started off the day with plum oolong tea. Yes it's a flavored tea ("natural plum flavoring"). So sue me. I drank it straight, two cups worth.

LUNCH: Finished off that tiny bit of stir-fry while I made my own taco spice, since I couldn't use the premade packets anymore. Have a small jar of the stuff now, probably good for another two dinners. It tastes pretty good, we discovered, and leaves more meat flavor shining through.

DINNER: AgtOrange came home while I was still pressing tortillas, specifically homemade whole-wheat and masa harina tortillas from scratch. There is nothing I hate making more than tortillas except raviolis. I'm glad I have a press now, which normally sits in a drawer. But it's time consuming, painful to my hands, back, and feet, and I'm not that fond of authentic tortillas. These turned out "okay". They frankly taste like you'd imagine whole-wheat tortillas would taste. They aren't terrible, but they are definitely health food.

I can't eat beef, which is why these tacos are bison, and I had a couple ounces of shiitake mushroom left, so I minced them really find and put them in with the meat. The nice thing about bison is you don't have to drain the meat. For awhile we were getting ground bison so lean you actually had to add fat to the pan so it wouldn't stick. Bison-mushroom = mmm, mmm, good.

Used my organic baby spring greens & spinach mix, the one I was supposed to make into salads all this week but only did once or twice, as the lettuce for these tacos. But what really took up my time and effort was a home made salsa, because obviously taco sauce was out. It would have been better to have made this yesterday, it would have tasted better too (although it was might damn tasty as is), but I only thought it up last minute, forcing AgtOrange to pick up the stuff on the way home, since I needed cumin for the taco spice anyway.

We didn't end up reheating it, but theoretically I had yesterday's vegetarian "paella/Spanish rice" to go with it. Guess that makes tomorrow lunch easy, which is good since I have way too much other stuff to do, plus I'm exhausted.

I'm now on my third taco (had two, then a break, now having another before I clean the kitchen *sob*. Then I'll probably have some of the pineapple. Also, just opened up this new package of delicious green tea. Even though it's late for caffeine, it's a short steep tea and I think I'm zonked enough it won't matter.

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