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Tue, Nov. 24th, 2015, 09:26 pm
Fails on Metro

I fell on a metro train today, or almost fell. As usual, everyone was crowding at the doors instead of moving towards the center of the train, blocking my way to empty seats. And some guy was compounding the problem by being leaned completely against a pole so he could fiddle with his phone. As I stepped around, over, and through a pedestrian obstacle course, the train lurched forward and I completely lost my balance, stumbling several steps sideways and managing to maneuver so I'd somewhat hit the wall and pole next to the doors.

The guy sitting there put his arm out to catch me before I went ass over teakettle, and just as I was thanking him (while practically across his lap, having stumbled over his feet) he looked me dead in the face and squeezed my ass. *irritated sigh*

Under normal circumstances I would have kirked out, followed by a complaint, but he did keep me from truly falling and probably really hurting myself. So I figured he got one ass grab that wasn't followed by an ass kicking.

The thing I'm wondering is, what kind of gem of a person, when woken from a doze by a girl tripping over them, not only has the fast reflexes to catch them but immediately thinks to cop a feel? Like, it was so fast he went from sleep to buttgrab in zero-flat, so that had to be pretty much an auto-response. I need to be rich so I can have a permanent chauffeur.

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